hotgossip-rpg inquired:

Hey we just revamped and we'd love a first look review from you! Please and thank you! x

Okay, well, first off, the theme doesn’t really suit an RP main because the sidebar takes up half the page and it drowns out the posts. Although, I absolutely LOVE the graphics and the layout on this page here. The character graphics are great too, they’re simple without being too simple. Well done there.

Your bios are well written, they explain about the characters, whoever wrote them gets a round of applause c: and you have a good range of FC’s and I love how you’ve made FCs have backstorys that are different from the norm. (If I were you I’d add some more underused ones to give it even more diversity, but it’s not a must). As far as your plot is concerned, it’s not new but you’ve executed it very well, so congrats. I don’t personally watch GG but you’ve made it so it is accessible to that audience too.

I give you a: 7/10